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"Trek" a collaboration between adriancollage & michaeltunk

Started by Adrian Velazco and finished by Michael Tunk.


Natural Palette No.7

Luke Hoban

At 4,841 years old, this ancient bristlecone pine is the oldest known non-clonal organism on Earth. Located in the White Mountains of California, in Inyo National Forest, Methuselah’s exact location is kept a close secret in order to protect it from the public. (An older specimen named Prometheus, which was about 4,900 years old, was cut down by a researcher in 1964 with the U.S. Forest Service’s permission.) Today you can visit the grove where Methuselah hides, but you’ll have to guess at which tree it is. Could this one be it?

(via The world’s 10 oldest living trees: Methuselah | MNN - Mother Nature Network)