Images of Alterity

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Hará unos diez años entré por casualidad en una exposición de este hombre y me quedé bocas, nunca pensé que se pudiera hacer algo tan bonito usando chatarra. Merece la pena ver estas esculturas a tamaño real


What are the problems with these two traps [Wanting to be an Indian and Guilt Seeking Redemption]? First of all, this redemption we find is really a cheap grace. It makes us feel better but doesn’t transform the situation of Native peoples. The injustices keep happening. Secondly, by denying the spiritual and political autonomy of Indian people, the New Age “rainbow” people subvert whatever good intentions they may have about multi-cultural community. What gets created is multi-cultural white middle class dominance in yet another form. Thirdly, these options perpetuate the fantasy image of the Indian, and distort the real picture. They prevent us from seeing the real lives of Native people. They obscure and drown out their voices and expression of self.
Rev. Myke Johnson, “Wanting to be Indian: When Spiritual Searching Turns into Cultural Theft”, page 6. (via spiritualbrainstorms)


Here’s an awesome little manicure, and we do mean little.

Alice Bartlett cut some pieces of green flocking to fit over her fingernails where she staged and photographed a series of scenes using miniature figurines to turn each green nail into its own little island.

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